Create PayPal Account – How To Create Free PayPal Account For Funds

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Create PayPal Account – How To Create Free PayPal Account For Funds

Create PayPal Account – How To Create Free PayPal Account For Funds. We go through a lot, making online funds difficult for us in most countries using different Currencies, some want to make a payment to buy some online products from stores while some need to purchase from another country or using Fiverr. There are many online payment methods to make transactions Online.

PayPal has been the fast-growing online payment method, that makes payment easy and Fast. You could Sign Up and create a PayPal account for free, through the procedures am sharing with you soon later in this article.

PayPal account made it easy to make transaction on every available platform online, Some platform like Namecheap, Fiverr and other Famous platform.

The steps we will be sharing to you today will let you have a secure & Fast Transaction using PayPal. I use it to make transaction to any country using Email address of the receiver.

What you should know about creating a PayPal account

  • The PayPal’s online payment method is easy and fast.
  • Paypal has two accounts “Individual Account” and “Business Account”.
  • PayPal users would have access to 200 Markets and 25 Currencies Exchange.
  • The PayPal Account required some of this details: credit / Debit card, Bank details,postal code, Addresses, Email address.

How To Create PayPal Free Registration Account

You know that PayPal offers two accounts both Individual and Business Account, Don’t worry I will be sharing with you on how to create the two accounts below.

  • How To create PayPal Individual Free Account

This account is use to shop and purchase some products from online Stores. You can also use it to receive money from any given location. Follow the procedures below to create Individual Account.

  1. Go to the Google search box and Search for PayPal Sign Up
  2. Click on the result you see on First page and click on Sign up at the right Pane of the screen.
  3. Now Click on “Individual Account”, since you want to create Individual Account.
  4. Make sure you click on Continue to proceed Sign Up.
  5. Sign Up with your number and input the verification code sent to you in the box.
  6. Fill the required form Email address, First Name, Last Name, Create Password, Confirm password.
  7. Click “Next”.
  8. Fill in the required form for address Nationality, Address Line 1 & 2, City, Postcode, State / Capital and Date Of Birth.
  9. Click on box “Stay logged in for faster Checkout” and “I Confirm that I have read consent and agree to PayPal users agreement.
  10. Make Sure you link your credit card to the PayPal account.


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