Do You Know You Can Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher With These Easy Steps?

At present, there is an incredibly high level of interest in Teachers in Canada. In such a way, there is a reason why the Express Entry program has enlisted the teaching profession as vital within the National Occupations Classifications list.

Do You Know You Can Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher With These Easy Steps?

Furthermore, many territories such as Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and many more are offering special migration routes to teachers at the college and high school levels. If you’re an educator or teacher who has always wanted to relocate to Canada this is your best chance.

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You can apply to be an educator under the Express Entry framework. Remember that processing times can differ from country to nation and could be as quick at four months, or eight months depending on the circumstances of your application.

Regional and provincial governments manage their own education system and are responsible for setting the guidelines for the teaching profession in Canada. The standards are generally comparable across the country, but with some regional distinctions.

Selection/Assortment Criteria for FSW and Approval for Teachers

You need to attain a high educational level; more than secondary school certificates, especially.

Work experience is defined as at least one year of employment which is able to fall in one professional categories:

  • Administrative,
  • Expert or
  • Specialized/gifted
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Do You Know You Can Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher With These Easy Steps?

A native speaker of French in addition to English (both of which are spoken throughout Canada) Age of the present, General flexibility (generally tested with an evaluation test). The current conditions of employment or work (or offer)

A Bachelor’s certificate in Education as well as a Provincial endorsement are required to teach positions in Canada. The process of getting a confirmation can be difficult, which is why it is recommended to start before your arrival to Canada as soon as you are able to.

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There are many variables in determining the qualifications for teaching positions in Canada. For instance, a candidate could need to:

  1. Have the most recent teaching experience.
  2. The candidate must be acquainted with the lifestyle of the inhabitants and the learning modules in the Canadian education system.
  3. Ability and willingness to educate or instruct, which includes the ability to provide a reference for character as well as accurate criminal record examinations.
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Do You Know You Can Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher With These Easy Steps?

A teacher, as described as such by the Canadian government is included in these classifications fundamentally:

  • Supply Teacher;
  • ELS educator;
  • Science(Biology) teacher;
  • Librarian
  • Teaching Assistant;
  • Therapeutic guideline;
  • Educational Resource Assistant and
  • Teacher Assistant

Do You Know You Can Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher With These Easy Steps?

Take a look at these steps and decide the best way to move to Canada as a teacher.

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Find your NOC code and the level of your occupation on the CIC website;

Choose the region or province you’d like to relocate to;

Make sure to check with your local school board for information on general guidelines for:

  1. The requirement for a degree in education is a degree that must be earned.
  2. Provincial Teaching documents/declaration;
  3. Accreditation to teach a foreign language such as English as well French;
  4. Inscription to either a provincial or regional instructors’ association; and
  5. Work reference letter
  6. Make an application for ECA (Educational credential assessment) If you need to;

Look for a job Canada before you make the move.


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