Dragon Ball Z: Would Android 16’s Self-Destruct Bomb Have Killed Cell?

Dragon Ball Z: Would Android 16's Self-Destruct Bomb Have Killed Cell?

Dragon Ball Z: Would Android 16’s Self-Destruct Bomb Have Killed Cell?

Android 16’s scheme to destroy Cell by dropping his bomb was unsuccessful however could the DBZ warrior had achieved his goal if his explosive capabilities were not deactivated?

Cell is among the most terrifying villains to face Goku along with Z Fighters. Z Fighters throughout the entire Dragon Ball franchise, responsible for Goku’s second death in an intense battle in Dragon Ball Z’s Cell Games. In the wake of Goku’s brave deed, Android 16 came in and attempted to end the artificial supervillain by destroying him by putting an internal bomb in his body by the creator of his character, Doctor Gero. The plan was unsuccessful however, and Cell was able to destroy his robot counterpart. If Android 16 was able to carry his own sacrifice plan through to its completion did it actually killed Cell or just been another unsuccessful attempt to stop the evil villain?

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Normally, a calm and serene person, Android 16 came off the sidelines to fight Cell and nearly destroyed the squishy appearance of the creature. However, Cell dramatically improved his abilities by absorption of Android 17. Cell was then able to defeat Android 16 with a single energy blast. After taking on Android 18, Cell achieved his ideal form and proved he was able to take on a full-force Final Flash by Super Saiyan Vegeta, and to take on Future Trunks with the Ultra Super Saiyan form.

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In Cell’s Cell Games, Cell also showed how quickly he was able to recover from mortal wounds when Goku struck him in the face by using an Instant Kamehameha wave. Android 16 was then on the scene to physically restrain Cell before declaring his plan to self-destruct, and take the villain with himbut before he realized Bulma was able to remove the bomb Gero earlier set up.

In the event that Cell when he was in second appearance was able defeat Android 16 so easily, Cell might be able to take the full force of Android 16’s explosion in the event that he was properly equipped to create an effective defense with the forcefield or other measures of defense. When Android 16 restraining Cell by striking him with surprise and then taking him by the back and grabbing him from behind, he was denied the chance to defend himself, but it would have opened the possibility of regeneration.

Cell’s regenerative powers are so strong that Cell was able to recover himself following his self-destruct and took Goku as well as King Kai with himas his core was unaltered. In this regard the sacrificial blast of Android 16 was required to destroy Cell’s core, making the destruction of his core complete.

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Dragon Ball Z: Would Android 16's Self-Destruct Bomb Have Killed Cell?

But, what’s important to remember to remember is at the time that Android 16 restrained Cell and revealed the plans he had in mind, Cell appeared to be terrified that Android 16’s plan was likely to succeed. Even in his upgraded version, Cell struggled to break away from the grasp of Android 16 and, given how potent 16’s first attacks were it’s not surprising that the bomb activated was the most potent weapon 16 could have had. It could be able to channel his entire destructive power into one massive explosion, and 16 stopping the blast from it from devouring Z Fighters. Z Fighters present as collateral damage.

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It’s true that Android 16’s demise wasn’t in vain as the vision of Cell crushing 16’s head with his foot , and then wreaking havoc on Gohan until Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan 2. The result would Cell’s downfall as Super Saiyan 2 Gohan completely crushing Cell by using the Kamehameha Wave. Android 16 gave his life during Cell’s Cell Games, but it was a huge help in helping Gohan to realize his potential. If Android 16’s bomb had been in place and operational, Cell may have been destroyed much earlier during the Cell Games possibly avoiding the necessity of Goku or King Kai to have to pay the ultimate cost.


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