How Do I Apply for A Canadian Passport?

Canada along with other countries uses ePassport that is given for Canadian citizens. The e-Passport is similar to one of Canadian passport, is book of 36 pages that contains a data chip inside. It has basic information about, and can help identify the traveler.

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When you travel to other countries, as a resident of Canada is legally required to carry your passport on you to show your identification. Prior to being allowed entry into the country, you’ll have to present your passport. It will then be scrutinized to verify your identity.

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According to Montreal-based financial company Arton Capital’s Global Passport Index, the Canadian passport is considered to be the 10th-best passport around the globe.

With the Canadian passport, you’ll be able to travel to more than 114 countries without needing a visa.

What are the advantages of having an Canadian passport?

A Canadian passport can be utilized to verify Canadian citizens everywhere around the globe.

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An e-Passport allows you to recognize the country of origin and the country from which a person is from, and the country they’re going to. It helps to:

  • Improved Privacy protection
  • Facilitate access and exit checks using automatic passport scanners.

The requirements and documents required to apply for an Canadian Passport

  1. Evidence of Canadian citizenship
  2. A valid document that proves your identity
  3. Two passport photos that are identical
  4. A valid and current Canadian travel document that was issued to you on your behalf.
  5. The application form must be was signed in the last 12 months, and signed by an Guarantor.

Additional documents might require additional documents (Such as a language test score) in their original versions and documents that are that are not or translated in English or French are required to be provided with a translation.

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How To Apply For Your Canadian Passport Canadian Passport

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To apply for to apply for a Canadian passport You must be over the age of 16 and be a Canadian citizen. Parents or guardians are able to apply for passports for their children. Here are a few ways to apply:

  1. Download or download the Application form on the IRCC official website or from the Passport Office directly.
  2. Complete the application correctly and then sign each page of the application form.
  3. Include all documents that are essential to the form, particularly the passport pictures that are identical.
  4. You should get a guarantor along with two references that can verify your identity.

Your guarantor may be:

  • Anyone who has been with you for at minimum two years;
  • It is required to have a Canadian citizen of 18 or older;
  • Must be able to present at least a valid Canadian passport or at a minimum, one that has not expired for more than one year.

Make sure you submit an application at the proper Passport bureau or online portal and pay all required fees.

Take out your passport.


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