How Do I Renew My Canadian Passport?

Canadian passports are passports that is issued for citizens from Canada through Canada’s Passport Program of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which allows the bearer to leave and return to Canada without restriction.

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By using your Canadian passport, you’ll be able to travel to and out of other countries according to the requirements for visas and, if you are in danger or need of help abroad If you’re in danger or need help, your Canadian passport can assist you to get help or security by Canadian consular authorities.

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The Canadian passports usually last for 5-10 years for those aged 16 or older, and for five years for those who are younger than 16 years old. When your passport expires, you are required to apply for renewing of your Canadian passport or else you’ll not be able to leave or return to Canada.

If you’re located in Canada or in another country and your passport is expired, you will be in a position extend your Canadian passport by following the instructions in this post.

If you are applying for a renewal of your Canadian passport You must satisfy the eligibility requirements listed below.

1. Find Out If You Can Renew Your Canadian passports

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The applicant must also have the status of a Canadian citizen in order to apply for an upgrade to your Canadian passport.

To renew your Canadian passport, your current passport must:

  • Not be damaged
  • There has never been a report of missing or stolen
  • Were issued with a five-year or 10 year validity
  • Be valid or expired for not more than one year from the date we accept your application
  • You were issued a certificate when your age reached at the least of 16 old age.
  • Are the same as your name, birth date and birthplace you’d like to put to appear on your passport.
  • Have the same gender identification number you’d like to use to be able to identify your gender on your passport (either orally printed in your passport’s current one or an observation sticker)
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You can request a passport to children (under 16 years old) in the following circumstances:

  • One of the child’s parents , and offering proof of the parentage
  • Legal guardianship of the child, and providing evidence of legal guardianship or
  • Custodial parents in case of divorce or separation and supplying the relevant legal documents.

You are now able to apply to renew you Canadian passport, if you meet the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

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Follow the steps here to request extension on your Canadian passport right now.

2. Complete the Application Form

Download an adult passport application form on the IRCC website. Be sure to check the appropriate box on section 2 of the passport application form, if your older passport includes the visa you want to keep.

If you’re applying to renew the passport of a child There are different applications procedure you have to adhere to.

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If your child isn’t able to renew their passport. You have to apply for a new passport and ensure that all documents required are prepared prior to applying.

It is only possible to apply for a passport for your child only if you’re:

  • One of the child’s parents
  • The parent with custody of the child, if the parents have separated or divorced
  • Every document (including any divorce decree) which address the custody the child, mobility access or custody of the child
  • Legal guardianship of the child with the proper documents
  • All legal documents verifying the legal guardianship of the child have to be provided.
  • Every legal parent or guardian must sign the form. We can contact the other guardian or parent who is a legal guardian.
  • The applications you need to fill out could differ depending on the place you’re applying to.
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3. Get Your Passport Photo

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Be sure to include 2 identical passport photographs and your older passport or expired one with your application.

4. References

Your reference must be comprised of 2 people who have been with you for at the very least 2 years.

Be aware that family members cannot serve as references when renewing your passport.

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5. Pay Your Fees

The age of you and the country you’re applying from will determine the cost you have to pay. It is possible to pay your application fee using a debit or credit card, cashier’s check or money order that is certified. Receiving agents will accept cash payments with exact change.

You can also make applications in person to a passport office , or an agent for receiving (Service Canada and Canada Post) or submit it via post.

6 Pick up Your Passport

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You can pick up your new passport at a specified date after you’ve completed your application. You can request someone else to pick it up on your behalf. However, they must bring the signature of you authorizing them to use the service and provide proof of identity for them.

If you made your application by mail, your passport along with other documents will be mailed to your address at the address you specified in the application.



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