How To Apply To A Province In Canada Through PNP

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program was established to allow provinces and regions of Canada the option of naming and choose those who show desire to move to Canada or those planning to reside in their province.

How To Apply To A Province In Canada Through PNP

Eliminating Quebec along with Nunavut out of the table. the other provinces also have each their very own PNP and all have at least one distinct stream that is aligned with Federal Express Entry. Federal Express Entry selection system.

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The provincial nominee program consists of basically two phases, the first the application must be submitted to your province’s immigration authorities. Once you have been nominated or chosen the application will be sent to the Canadian Federal Immigration Authorities.

Benefits of applying to the PNP or being nominated by a province in Canada.

Certain Canadian provinces such as Quebec have programs to allow them to nominate candidates for immigration to Canada and establish themselves in the province. The rules differ slightly in some instances. This Provincial Nominee Program is different from the federal immigration programs that are offered in Canada.

There are many benefits to enjoy while taking part in PNP programs:

  • There is no need for to accept a job offer
  • The freedom to pick the province you’d like to live in.
  • It is easier to apply for Permanent residency status
  • No hassle at all regarding choosing a pool

There are two main ways to apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) for various provinces.

  1. You can make an application directly through the province’s PNP
  2. You can apply for the Express Entry System
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If you are applying through a specific Province:

You can make a decision of the province in which you would prefer to settle in, and then submit your application direct to your province’s PNP. The application you submit is evaluated and analyzed in accordance with the criteria for selection and the point average for the province.

If you’re selected and selected, you will receive an acknowledgement by the provincial government. Based on the kind of nomination you are granted you will be able to request a permanent residence card or status that allows you to reside in Canada permanently through IRCC.

Applying via Express Entry:

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Express Entry Express Entry has a stream that allows Canadian provinces to choose candidates out of the Express Entry pool and then invite them to apply to their Provincial Nominee Program.

If you wish to utilize Express Entry, you must first register. Express Entry, you must first sign up under the Express Entry system, after which your profile will be set up and inserted into the pool.

Your profile may be randomly selected by a provincial government within Canada If this happens, the province will issue the applicant an invite to visit the province to be considered and evaluated to be a part of their program.

If a province offers you to join in this manner, you can become a permanent resident quicker or in the shortest time possible.

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You can read more about the Express system HERE

Can I Change Province After Getting Permanent Residency Through Provincial Nominee Program?

This is a query a number of people have been asking us. We’ve responded to this question in a previous publication and provided the conditions to permit you to switch provinces once you have received the PR from one province. Visit this link to view the entire article, which will explain everything.

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