How to SignUp for Free Jumia Affiliate and Make Money Online

How to SignUp for Jumia Affiliate Program Free and Make Money Online

How to SignUp for Jumia Affiliate Program Free and Make Money Online

Making money online can be simple, especially if you know how to do it correctly. And while we’re on the subject of doing things the correct way, have you heard of “affiliate marketing” — getting paid to promote products on the internet? Whatever your answer is, there are a slew of affiliate marketing programs that will pay you well if you join them. We’ll go over how to sign up for the Jumia Affiliate Program for free and start earning money online.

Jumia affiliate marketing is one of the best-paying marketing platforms in Nigeria.

Before you go further in making this money, a basic thing you will have to do first is to Register/Sign up. And one good benefit of this registration is that it is FREE. So follow the steps below for successful registration on the JUMIA affiliate program.

How Jumia Pays Affiliate Marketers

There are various ways you earn on this platform, and they are analyzed below:

  1. When you sign up for Jumia affiliate marketing you earn a commission of N500 and you introduce people who also sign up through your link, then you will be paid N300
  2. When someone buys a product follow your link, you will get a commission of N700

With this, check out how much you can make from Jumia when you get serious with it. To sign up follow the steps below.

How to SignUp for Jumia Affiliate Program Free

  • Simply Visit the Affiliate Program Page at
  • On the Page, Click On Become An Affiliate” or ”Register” at the top right corner of the pageJumia1
  • Then Fill in the Required Details Correctly: Account type, Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Country, Website.
  • Finally, click on ‘Start earning’Jumia2

Congratulations!!! You will be sent an email, on How to Login. Simply go to Your Email and Setup the Login Details. It is as Simple as That

Jumia Affiliate Program Sign in

Signing in to the platform gets you to your Dashboard – Where you can generate advertising codes/links, monitor your earnings, see your profile information and lots more. So the steps below will get you logged into your dashboard;

  1. Go to
  2. On the page, click on sign in at the top right Side
  3. Enter your Email Address and Password
  4. Then click on Sign in.

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