How to Start Applying For Scholarship In Canadian Universities

Canada is a country with a top international reputation for academic excellence and has an open and friendly population So it’s not unexpected that international students opt to pursue their studies in Canada. One method that international students can finance their education in Canada is by obtaining scholarships, which are not-repayable financial aid. This is why students from abroad have been wondering what they can do to apply for scholarships for their studies at Canadian universities.

How to Start Applying For Scholarship In Canadian Universities

International students who are eligible for scholarships seeking to attend a Canadian university Canada is extremely competitive and is available mostly at post-graduate levels. Making an application to Canadian universities has the same deadlines and processes. So, we’ve put together the necessary information to apply for a scholarships. It is important to know that the Universities of Toronto and British Columbia are where the majority of international students go to study.

Selecting your chosen field of study

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In applying to Canadian institutions, it is essential to identify what you like about your field. This is so that it can aid you in determining your path to career. Being an international student you may apply to various areas of study. There are a variety of departments that international students are able to apply to. They include departments for sciences, arts and forestry, as well as engineering. A number of Canadian universities also have co-operative programs that provide full-time, paid internships with a variety of job environments that are relevant to your studies.

How to Start Applying For Scholarship In Canadian Universities

There are some universities that offer work-based learning courses. That means that while you study at the same time, you’re also working in the field you are studying. This gives you an experience in the workplace that can make you more competitive when you apply for jobs in the near future.

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How to Start Applying For Scholarship In Canadian Universities

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This aspect varies from one institution to institution and the degree program may begin at different dates. Some schools start their academic year in the month of September, January, or even May. In most universities, the semester commences in September. Applications are required to be processed 11 months before the time of resuming study. Canadian universities might consider adding additional details such as a personal profile portfolio, video, or written profile. But, you must submit letters of recommendation and an official note of recommendation. Most of the time you’ll have to pass an English test, such as The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Additionally, there are tests like IELTS, which is the International English Language Test System (IELTS).

Study Permit

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If you plan to study at an Canadian university, you’ll require an academic permit. Study permits are a form of identification you’ll need to have in order to pursue your studies in Canada and you’ll never be accepted into a university without it. After you’ve received your acceptance letter from the university, you’ll have to apply for a permit. If you plan to remain in Canada for longer than 6 months then you’ll be required to apply for a permit.

With your study permit you are able to work on and off campus without needing to obtain an additional work permit with certain limitations. Admission does not require the school to issue an study permit. Your responsibility is to get the document with the admission letter.


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International students who want to pursue their studies at an Canadian university, financing is often a major issue. In addition, financing your studies can be a difficult issue. Because of this, international students seek out scholarships that will help them. Students should however specify the amount they will need to pay for tuition on the school’s website prior to applying. The tuition fees differ between schools, and also the course is crucial in these variations.

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Additionally to that, the school’s website is not just a place to give you information on tuition charges. It also reveals which scholarships are offered. Furthermore, it offers details about other degree programs as well as the different tuition rates they charge. Students can learn about what amount of tuition they’re qualified for. The cost of scholarships varies and when students factor this in they are aware of what they can be expecting.

There is also a Canadian government also provides scholarships to students. These are also available on the website of the school.


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