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With The Current Progression Of Digital Devices Scamming Has Been Way More Easier Than Latter Days Scamming of Today includes
Forex Bitcoin And The Likes

Let’s Start From The beginning What is Forex It means Foreign Exchange.

Scammers Have Hide Under This legitimate platform To Carry out their Acts Taking Away People Life Savings

You Go online Nowadays And You See Invest 50k and Get 3X your Profits Back Within 24 Hours Some Will Even Show You their Investment Plans thus

Basic plans

10k for 20k under 24 hours

30 for 60k under 24 hours

60 for 120 under 24 hours

Premium plan

150 for 300k under 24 hours

150 for 450k under 48 hours

500 for 1.5m under 24 hours

Gold Plan

2m for 6m under 24 hours

5m for 15m under 24 hours

And the list keeps pilling Up like that

How do you identify them in their Bio You Will see

For example John

John CEO Of J- investment plc

Bitcoin Investor forex Investor Stocks Investor

Real Estate Agent and so on

Any of These People Who message You telling You How They Tripled peoples money and showing You proof all is a lie even people telling You about them Have been paid they perpetrated their evil Acts by Advertising their platform on influencers and Tv people with large Audience uses little money to Scam thousands of people

How Here’s how Let’s say they come up with 1 million Naira, and they pay for Ads on people with a large following

The first 10 people to come for the plans will be paid They will tell the people to help them tell others and showing them proof this proof is to show Legitimacy of their platform once they’ve gotten a large Audience of people of over thousands they won’t refund their money Back Eventually Scamming them of over 50 million Nairas If Done Well

*Don’t Be Greedy Avoid!!!!*

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