Postdoctoral Research Program in Canada 2022

The Postdoctoral Research Program (PRP) is a multi-disciplinary and global program that provides young scientists access top-of-the-line facilities throughout Canada and the chance to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams of experienced researchers and technicians on research projects that are of great importance to Canada.

Postdoctoral Research Program in Canada 2022

Natural Resources Canada, in collaboration along with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada and Public Health Canada is seeking recent graduates of the field of natural sciences to be part of postdoctoral research programs.

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The Postdoctoral Research Program gives scientists who recently obtained an PhD in one of the natural sciences chance to collaborate as leaders or research teams in Canadian government research and labs as well as institutions throughout Canada. This in turn means that the Government of Canada benefits from emerging and promising talents.

Federal researchers contribute to important decisions as well as regulations, policies, and programs by supplying their research an enlightened science-based knowledge base. Researchers perform their duties in accordance with the directives of the Department to attain specific results and also to develop, define the need for, articulate and implement innovative outcomes for program implementation in order to meet the requirements that are set by the Department.

The successful applicants will be hired as long-term Scientific Research (SE-RES) employees. To find out the scale of pay you can refer to the SE sub-group Scientific Research SE-RES.

Degree Graduation Level:

Postdoctoral Research Program Government of Canada is obtainable for postgraduate, Post Doctorate level programs at Canada Universities.

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Subjects Available:

The subjects are offered through the scholarship program.

Natural Sciences

Eligible Nationalities:

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International applicants are eligible to apply.

Scholarship Benefits:

Fully covered and fully funded scholarships

Eligibility to Postdoctoral Research Program

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Candidates must be a doctoral student (PhD) in the last three (3) years* from an accredited postsecondary institution within a field of natural science with an emphasis that is related to the duties of the post.

Postdoctoral Research Program in Canada 2022

Have you not yet graduated? You are able to apply for the PRP If you’re currently studying for a PhD at a reputable post-secondary institution, but you must finish your PhD before being named to a post.

The applicants who are eligible are added to an inventory which is available to hiring managers in participating federal institutions.

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When there are open positions to fill hiring managers use the inventory to find those who have the necessary qualifications and expertise. Managers of hiring contact applicants and review the most qualified candidates.

Application Process in the Postdoctoral Research Program

The application tool doesn’t allow applicants to go back to previous pages, or save and then return to the application at a later time thus the application has to be completed in one go. The application will take around 60 minutes to complete.

You’ll need to provide contact details as well as your educational details (undergraduate master’s, master’s or doctoral degrees) as well as answer questions about your professional background.

You will be required to sign the following document:

  • Your resume or CV
  • Other documents that are optional and can be included in the submission are:
  • Cover letter;
  • Academic degrees;
  • Official language results;
  • Certifications;
  • Evaluation of foreign education credentials;
  • References
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It is strongly recommended to have your credentials in order and readily available prior to when you begin filling out the application in order to avoid any issues or interruptions.

If you submit your application to the program and it meets the eligibility criteria then you will be included in an inventory available to each of the six (6) government departments and other agencies participating of the Postdoctoral Research Program.

If positions become available within one of the partaking agencies or departments of the government those who meet the requirements listed within the selection criteria can be put in touch with in order to start the process of hiring. If you get to speak with the government agency that is hiring will give you an entire copy of the conditions to be used to evaluate your application.


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