Schools In Canada That Gives Scholarships For Masters Students

International students who wish to further their education at a Canadian university Canada and are seeking colleges that will grant them scholarships. The cost of studying abroad is expensive and many international students think they are unable to afford it. So, they’re searching for universities in Canada that provide scholarships for master’s students . They want to apply for them.

Schools In Canada That Gives Scholarships For Masters Students

The article we’ll discuss the schools in Canada which offer scholarships as well as the criteria they require. Based on the criteria international students will be able to determine the scholarships they’re entitled to and what schools they are able to apply to.

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Ontario Graduate Scholarships.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) is a merit-based award that is sponsored by the Ontario government to encourage academic excellence at master’s and doctoral levels. The offer is also available to students from other countries. If you are an international student, you must know these tips before you submit your application

The amount of the scholarship is $15,000 per year

The maximum period of the award is two semesters.

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It is necessary to be an international college student enrolled in Ontario and have a study permit to be qualified for this scholarship.

Schools In Canada That Gives Scholarships For Masters Students

To be eligible, you must have an academic grade which is between 30 and 50 percent of the mark that is set by the school. it must be visible in your academic transcripts. Also, you should have conducted an extensive amount of research and prove this. Such evidence includes programs, publications, seminars, etc. Additionally, it’s advantageous if you possess leadership abilities. If you’ve ever been in a leadership position or in some capacity then you must mention this when you apply.

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Canada Graduate Fellowships

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The purpose for the Canada Graduate Fellowship is to increase research abilities and create skilled personnel to improve the abilities of students to conduct research. There are however a few aspects you need to be aware of:

Costs $17,500 for 12 months Non-renewable

Are enrolled in, submitted an application to, or plan to be applying for full-time admission to an eligible doctoral or master’s program at an accredited Canadian institution that has an CGS allocation.

Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards.

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It is a merit-based award to international students that have done well in their previous programs of studies. There is an international student scholarship. You must, however, qualify and meet the following conditions;

  • Minimum CGPA that is 3.00 for students at SFU (this is not required for students who are in their first year with SFU).
  • You must be fully enrolled in a degree program that is approved unless specified otherwise.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you have financial capacity (as evaluated by SFU).


University of Calgary Graduate Scholarships.

International students can apply for this kind of scholarship, and like other scholarships, certain criteria must be met. This includes:

  • You may apply for scholarships once you’ve completed an application to be admitted and have received an University of Calgary student number;
  • The amounts of scholarship range from $0 to $40,000 and are available for various areas of study.
  • You have to apply for graduate scholarship;
  • Qualification is not automatic.
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.
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The scholarship was introduced into the program in government officials from the Canadian government. It was created to keep high-quality graduate students. The idea is to help bring Canada into the forefront of world rankings. Additionally, like all scholarships there are criteria for eligibility. They include:

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Schools In Canada That Gives Scholarships For Masters Students

  • It is a fact you must be in the process of completing an Ph.D. degree at an Canadian university;
  • Furthermore you must be aware that the Canadian university has to recommend students for scholarships.
  • Additionally, the award is worth $50000 per calendar year, for a period of three years.




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