Singer Peruzzi opens up on Obama’s DMW cause of death

Peruzzi, a prominent Afrobeat artist, tells up about his final moments with music executive Obama DMW, who died on Tuesday, with a heavy heart.

Obama DMW died at a hospital in Lekki after complaining of breathing problems and walking in on his feet.

According to Peruzzi, the DMW crew had lunch with the late music boss while seeing off Davido, who had flown out of the country before to the horrific occurrence.

Peruzzi also stated that he has stopped smoking and consuming alcohol because he believes it may have contributed to Obama’s death.

In a chat, Huncho wrote;

”I was with him this morning. He was eating rice in the studio cus we all gathered there to spend time with David before he left. Obama left me there at past 2am and I left there by past 3.

“Woke up and he was complaining of breathing difficulties. His arteries stopped pumping and he couldn’t breathe again. He walked into the hospital by himself!”

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