Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada and their wages


It is the best option to relocate to Canada than to receive an employment offer. If you’re a professional with a prestigious qualifications, there’s already an opening for you in Canada It is more beneficial if your skill is highly sought-after as your process for obtaining an immigration visa can be a wild journey and will be very simple.

Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

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Canada puts a great value on skilled immigrants and this is the basis of immigration. In order to boost the economy of the nation, enhance the nation’s infrastructure, etc. Canada has granted entry to newcomers from across the globe and gives everyone the chance to work, live and permanently settle in Canada.

The skilled tradesman are those with specific skills and expertise in a specific profession. They can use their hands to make a good amount of money daily. An experienced trader can become an electrician cook, nurse, sales rep or sales representative, etc. It is basically anyone with specialized knowledge of a specific field. If you are a skilled trader there are many chances to come to Canada even without any college degrees or a job to offer.

Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

But, there are many traders with the right skills looking to relocate to Canada exactly like you, so an offer for employment could give you an added benefit and advantage over the other applicants.

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Programmes that can help you move to Canada to become a successful trader

As you already have the required qualifications in Canada Moving to Canada is much more straightforward for you. Canadian provinces have different requirements for newcomers. Certain provinces have greater demand for those with painting abilities caregivers, cooks, mechanics for heavy equipment, etc. Based on the occupation that is in an insufficient number of workers.

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The Canadian government also has established many programs, primarily focused on recruiting skilled workers into Canada to fill vacant positions. The most notable of them is called the Federal Killed Trades Worker Program that is included in the Canada Express Entry system.

Beginner Guide: How to Migrate to Canada

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In Express Entry, immigrants are encouraged or sponsored to join the Federal skilled workers program. They can then migrate, and gain permanent residence in Canada. Candidates are awarded points based upon various factors, including education level, age, experience, etc. These points aid applicants in getting be ranked and, if one of those who have the required score, you’ll be given an invitation to come to Canada.

Another option to move to Canada is to directly apply to the Canadian province. You can do this by using to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program of the province you’ve selected or in cases where there is a requirement for your particular qualification. Every province has a distinct program that is an additional category of their provincial program. The program is designed to only accept applicants with the proper profile and the qualifications that are required in the province at present. A good example of such a category is the Ontario Skilled Trade Stream.

Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

Trade Jobs with the highest level of skill in Canada in-demand

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Construction Manager – The average hourly wage is $40.

Power Line Technician -: The hourly rate for power line technicians is $38.46

Petroleum and Gas Driller -: The average hourly pay is $38.

Pipefitter -: Hourly pay of $36

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Industrial Electrician – The average hourly pay: $33.19

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HVAC Mechanical Mechanics – The average hourly wage is $31.75

The Electrician for Residential and Commercial Hourly average: $32

Heavy Duty Mechanics – The average hourly wage is $32.

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Plumber -: The average hourly pay is $30.

Civil Engineering Technician The average hourly wage is $28.50

Carpenter -: Hourly average wage is $25.

Welder -: Hourly salary is $25.

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Automotive mechanics Average hourly pay of $24



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