US Visitor Visa: A Step By Step Guide

US Visitor Visa (B2) as the name implies , is an interim visa that is issued to foreign citizens who want to travel to America. United States of America for reasons like visits to family or friends, visiting, and attending events such as seminars or conference.

US Visitor Visa: A Step By Step Guide

However, citizens of certain nations are not required to obtain a visa before they can enter into the United States if their stay is shorter than 90-days.

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To be eligible to be eligible for to be eligible for the B2 Visa, you must be able to meet the following criteria:

US Visitor Visa: A Step By Step Guide

  • The purpose behind your visit is in line to B2 regulations
  • You should have enough money to cover your expenses for the duration of your trip.
  • The fact that you’ll be able to return home following the expiration date of your visa
  • Documents Required for Mandatory Use
  • Before your application can be approved, you must submit the following documents:
  • Original passport that has six months of validity that extends beyond the date of expected arrival to the USA.
  • All passports from the past.
  • One photo per requirement. Both hard and digital copies of the image are required.
  • DS160 US Visa application confirmation page that is stamped by the Visa Application Center (VAC).
  • The proof of payment for the fee This is an official receipt.
  • Printer’s copy from US Interview appointment letter.

Once you’ve met the requirements, go to fill in the DS-160 application after you have completed the DS-160 form TravelAssist.

Important: TravelAssist is a third firm that has helped over 20,000 potential applicants to get into to the United States. If you are refusing entry to America, they will help you get into the United States, they offer travel protection that will pay your expenses. They will supply you with the complete list of documents to support the B2 visa application. This will make sure that your application has the best chance of being successful.

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You must pay the required Visa Fees

The US tourist fees are set at $160. Visa fees can be necessary.

Book Your Appointment

Due to the high volume of work Due to the high volume of work, it is advised to make your appointment early as you can. Anyone between 14 and 79 must to be interviewed with the US Embassy. The interview can be scheduled via the office of your nation’s US Embassy.

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US Visitor Visa: A Step By Step Guide

Make the B2 Visa Form

Prior to attending your interview, be sure that the documents you submitted are good condition and are in line to the information you submitted in your application.

Participate in the Interview

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It will also ask pertinent questions regarding your personal experiences and the reasons for moving in the US. If you make a mistake within your applications, it may affect your chances of being successful. Check that the information you gave in your application is consistent with the documents you submitted.

The workload of the US Embassy you submitted your application to and be patient if are not contacted the quickest time, but you will be informed if your application was successful.


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