Well Paying Jobs In Canada That Doesn’t Require University Degree

The pursuit of a degree isn’t necessarily required to have success in your career, due to of the long-term commitment required, which isn’t to be feasible for many.

How Much Can I Make Working in Canada?

If you don’t have a degree from a university it is possible to get an attractive job thanks to the robust and rapidly growing Canadian economic system.

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A university degree can aid you in obtaining your dream job, however it’s not the only way to finding the perfect job.

A recent study conducted by the Canadian Institute of Technology shows numerous high-paying jobs in Canada which don’t require university degree.

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The report further mentions that although a university education isn’t for everyone, a lot of these lucrative jobs require certification and training.

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For instance, becoming a programmer requires you to sign up and learn a particular programming language.

This article examines the various industries in addition to the range of salaries and the reasons why they have the potential for growth.

Important to remember that wages differ dependent on the region you work in.

1. Transit Drivers

Top Driver Jobs in Canada

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It is not necessary to have to have a University degree to be an a transit driver, all you require is an high school diploma with a valid driver’s licence which is valid and and free of suspensions, and meets all the requirements required for an Class “C” driver’s license.

Salary Range

The majority of transit drivers get paid an annual salary between $73,000 and $100,000.

2. App Developers

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It’s true that design and development of apps is the ideal field to get into.

The majority of schools offer diploma programs which are completed within less than 2 years.

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Salary Range

The wages offered by the industry range between $50,000 and $70,000 per year.

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