What Is the Best One Piece Movie – and Where Can I Watch It Online?

What Is the Best One Piece Movie – and Where Can I Watch It Online?

What Is the Best One Piece Movie – and Where Can I Watch It Online?

The most popular film in the One Piece franchise celebrates everything wonderful about the first portion of the franchise. This is what it’s about and where to watch it.

One of the most adored shonen mangas and animated series, One Piece has also been adapted into numerous films. While none of the films are canonized with the original manga but they given depth and sometimes, even context to the entire story.

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The relationship with the original material — specifically, the extent to which it builds upon it is among the most vital aspects of how the film’s overall performance. It’s what sets the 10th One Piece movie, One Piece: Strong World, above the other nine previous ones -in particular, since the creator of the series Eiichiro Oda played a role in the development of the plot and character.

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The Plot Of One Piece: Strong World

What Is the Best One Piece Movie – and Where Can I Watch It Online?

One Piece: Strong World was released in 2009 and was the last One Piece film set before the timeskip. It takes the place of Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago arcs, it is the story of the Straw Hats who meet a legend that has been lost to the world of pirates named Shiki who is the Golden Lion. The character was initially created specifically for film production, Oda wished he had added Shiki to the manga’s tale such that the anime integrated Shiki’s origins in his own Impel Down arc. This helped to create more hype for the character as well as the film that was then in development.

The plot centers around Shiki the an one of Gol D. Roger’s biggest rivals abducting Nami for her skills in navigation and transporting her to the floating islands in the sky which is his plan to drop on the East Blue as a grand display of force. Naturally the Straw Hats will go after Shiki to rescue their crew member, but the villain breaks them into different groups which makes the rescue of both Nami as well as the majority of their home islands more difficult.

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Although the damsel-in-distress theme isn’t atypical particularly when it comes to One Piece, Strong World truly goes out of its way to demonstrate how strong Nami is as an individual. Although she’s weak in strength, she makes up with her intellect, which is evident throughout the entire story — she’s essential in the end to stop Shiki’s plot.

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Where To Watch One Piece: Strong World

What Is the Best One Piece Movie – and Where Can I Watch It Online?

One Piece: Strong World perfectly plays the roles of the other Straw Hats as the characters are both being logical and allowing them the right amount of screentime. The Sanji/Usopp duo is a blast to watch and Zoro’s lack of sense of direction, which puts Chopper into hilarious scenarios. Luffy’s relationship with Nami is very reminiscent of Arlong Park and is for many people the plot that led them to fall in the love of manga and anime.

Shiki’s ability to Telekinetically lift and move non-living objects in any size is hazardous and a wonderful spectacle to watch. The power of Shiki is the basis for the movie in that it’s the main reason for the whole story. The Straw Hats would not be able to battle on floating islands or Shiki’s menace be as effective without the power of Shiki. The story is very reminiscent of the Skypeia arc, specifically in the way Luffy must face another God-like character on an island floating in the water.

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Strong World might not be as simple to dive into as the other films from the source material, however it clearly celebrates all that was pre-timeskip in One Piece. It is streaming today on the Microsoft Store in both sub and dub formats, and the DVD/BluRay is available on the majority of online marketplaces.

Other Great One Piece Films

What Is the Best One Piece Movie – and Where Can I Watch It Online?

The fact that Strong World is the best does not mean there aren’t any other One Piece movies that come near to its excellence. The One Piece: Film Z is widely considered by people as the greatest film of the series. It was the first movie to be to be released after Strong World. The film is the story of the Straw Hats’ mission to stop an ex- Marine Admiral from devastating The New World after he attacks their team.

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The film was well-loved by fans mainly because of how Z, the antagonist Z was portrayed. Z’s backstory is believable (rather unusual for One Piece villains) and the motivations of Z are clearly defined. His background as an Marine Admiral who supervised the training of many of the officers that fans knew and having a relationship with popular characters from the series such as Garp and Sengoku which makes Z appear to be a real character in the story, rather than a non-canon film villain. The relationship he has with Aokiji is particularly touching.

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An additional One Piece film that could nearly be the best is Baron Omatsuri as well as the Secret Island. What makes this one amazing is how different it is from other One Piece films prior and following. While there is a antagonist in the film the most important antagonist is the degrading of the Straw Hats’ bond with each other. Manga and anime almost always depict the group’s bond as unbreakable, however Baron Omatsuri actually tests them. The film doesn’t just feature Sanji as well as Zoro fighting, but all of them is fighting, which gives the film an authentically more dark style.

The animation style used in the film is different from the style that the series had previously done. Although it was not for everyone, a lot of fans enjoyed the new style and it makes it stand out from other films within the One Piece franchise.


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