What to Expect at the Canadian Port of Entry

What is a Port of Entry?

What to Expect at the Canadian Port of Entry

Port of Entry is a area which all travelers and citizens as well as foreigners have to pass through when arriving in Canada via either sea, air or road.

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A port of entry can be described as one of the airports or seaport, etc. that has been declared as such by the Canadian government as an entry point into Canada. If you’re heading to Winnipeg however, you have arrived in Vancouver first Then the Port of Entry is the International airport located in Vancouver.

If you are to the Port of Entry you will be required to present some documents to be examined. You will likely be asked a few questions to ensure that you’re the person you claim to be and also to verify whether you’re eligible to travel to Canada. It is likely that you will be denied entry in the event that the documents you provide were not genuine or non-legal documents.

There’s a good chance you’ll encounter an official (usually one called a Border Service Officer) who will scrutinize all your documents and if he is confident that the documents are legally valid and in order the officer will place an official stamped stamp onto your passport. Check that your passport has been stamped prior to leaving your Port of Entry.

What is the minimum requirement?

  • You must have an active Passport along with other documents
  • An introduction letter you obtained from the visa office or Canadian embassy after you received your permit to study.
  • A valid temporary residence visa (if needed).
  • An authentic ETA(Electronic travel authorization. If necessary).
  • An evidence to prove you meet the minimum income requirements.
  • A Port of Entry Letter
  • A health insurance document
  • A ticket to depart from Canada
  • 2 copies of the personal list of each item , and the amount they’re worth.
  • You will have to answer certain questions
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What to Expect at the PoE

What to Expect at the Canadian Port of Entry

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For international students, both new as well as returning, you are not guaranteed entry to Canada until you’ve been approved by an PoE. PoE.

Your eligibility will be assessed. the eligibility and validity of documents be evaluated and a guarantee that you are healthy along with any other valid documents will be inspected.

It is possible that the BSO (Border Service Officer) will inquire about your motives to visit Canada. In the case of a university student the BSO will want to know the course you intend to studies and the admission letter.

You’ll have to fill in the CBSA declaration form if you intend to transport your belongings to Canada and you’ll need to list the items you intend to bring.

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It is your responsibility to declare that the items aren’t prohibited and can not be used by anyone who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The items are not intended to conduct business, and you’ll return to your home country with the goods you purchased after returning to your home country.


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